Laura Marks OBE

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There are not many people who can claim to have changed the face of Anglo-Jewry; Laura Marks has done just that“. 

(Jewish Chronicle Leader November 2014)



After many years at a senior level in the commercial world of communications, Laura transferred her skills to addressing the fractures and separations so apparent in modern society.  With hate crime rising 19% in 2016 and attacks on Muslims, Jews, women and many others increasing alarmingly, the need to understand and address barriers and hostility is irrefutable.

Recognising that most people are seeking engagement with The Other, but that current social structures, ignorance about people who are different, and a tendency to retreat into the familiar, limit the possibilities, Laura is a successful social entrepreneur working to bring people together.

Laura uses the structures, accountability and methodology of her commercial background along with over a decade of experience in the world of faith communities, local society and influencing policy, to set up and improve organisations which bring people together.

Her work has focused primarily on organisations which address the inter-sectionality between gender, ‘faith’ and justice.  Laura’s success is based primarily on an understanding that to bring about a society where values, spaces and relationships are shared, requires an ability to work both at a policy or Top Down level, and also from the grass roots, or Bottom Up. Her ability to collaborate, and work in partnership with others, has ensured stronger solutions and exectuions.

Laura’s work, both voluntary and professional, includes;

  • Founding Mitzvah Day, an international day of volunteering which engages diverse populations, together, with local charities
  • Year of service, SD and SD
  • Co-founding and advising Nisa-Nashim, a national Jewish Muslim women’s network committed to breaking down hatred and mistrust through empowering women
  • Founding and co-chairing Women in Jewish Leadership, a five year project to understand and empower women in leadership roles including launching the award winning Gender Equality Plan for organisations.
  • Chairing the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, a government funded national charity which brings people together locally to learn from the genocides of the past to build a safer future
  • Broadcasting, speaking and writing, most notably as a regular contributor to Radio 2 Pause for Thought
  • Contributing to government, commercial and community boards and advisory groups in the UK and internationally


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