Changing the Board hustings last night

The hustings last night were a great idea

A chance to meet lots of the new and young Deputies and to hear the issues as they see them. A much more informal set up than the Plenary and that was so refreshing.

Thank you for tweeting all night. That added a whole extra dimension to the event and was a lot of fun too.  Im new to tweeting but I love it. So immediate.

Lots of tweets about Women things. Am very happy indeed to engage on those after Sunday – please email me directly or post a blog here.

As for being new to the Board, seems to me that the Board needs some fresh air and I intend to bring it. Its not as though I don’t know the community and its institutions and of course my work brings me into contact with the Board and its great staff (as well as Deputies) so this is simply not a problem.

Must go and buy some shoes for Sunday….

thanks to you all for your support and shabbat shalom




Post shabbat response to anonymous questions

Hello anonymous questioner
Thanks for your questions
As I thought all deputies already knew I was elected at the beginning of the year. Having worked closely with the Board for years and being a strong supporter of its work, I felt it was time to step up to the plate. I  joined the Board as my work in the communal world made me realise that my constant interaction with The Board would be stronger if I did so. I have been working for several years now hand in hand with the Board  on social action, Inter faith dialogue, building local communities and women and equality. I know and respect the staff and have strong working relationships with most of the key people.
I have been to divisional meetings for Defence, Communities and F and O and been well briefed by the chair of International. I know all the current HO’s and senior staff and have a reasonably good understanding of the work of all the Board. I have more to learn.
You ask about how I have served the Board and I would like to add how I have served the community as surely this is, ultimately, the role of the Board.  I sit on the Chief Executives Forum, the Jewish Social Action Forum, the Inter Faith Network, The MRJ board, the Yom Hashoah forum and I chair Mitzvah Day, A Year of Service and the Commission on Women in Jewish Leadership. In each capacity I deal with the issues of the community and through that, the people, staff and reputation of the Board. My experience is extensive. My role leads me to work directly with government and Mitzvah Day has been recognised by the leaders of all three major political parties (Mitzvah Day recently won a Big Society award from the PM) the Mayor of London and many other leaders.
My current profession is that I run Mitzvah Day and a Year of Service (a government funded initiative to bring people of all faith into interfaith social action). I founded Mitzvah Day in 2008 and it has grown to become probably the worlds largest day of faith led social action – now in 20 countries.  Mitzvah Day is an independent charity working with Jewish and non Jewish charities and organisations bringing new and enthusiastic volunteers into contact with both Jewish and non Jewish volunteering and social action.
For me the qualification for being an effective vice-President, is a commitment to cross-communal working, a proven understanding of the work of the board and a record of delivery, which I hope you will agree is unquestionable . if time served is what matters to you then I guess you have plenty of choice, but if these are the criteria that matter to you then I hope you will support me.
I do hope this answers your questions
Best wishes
PS In  future I will only respond if I know the questioner. So much more honest and open.

Social action and social change

Great day today starting with Siach, Jewish social action conference at the Jhub.  Lots of inspirational young people working in social action across Europe. So uplifting.  Then to Jewish Women’s Aid lunch where Deborah Lipstadt talked about the importance of both the Oy and also the Joy in Judaism. Personally I tend to focus on the Joy and believe that our Jewish community is unique, strong and special.

Very moving testimonies from women facing domestic abuse.  Worth being aware as we can maybe spot the danger signs for our friends and families.

Now to oldest child, Louis’ concert at school. Will cry buckets.