A pledge to the memory of Drummer Rigby

Drummer Lee Rigby’s horrific murder last week is still reverberating around us.


On Friday, leaders from all nine major UK faith groups were invited to a hastily convened meeting to hear responses from the Deputy PM, Nick Clegg and other faith leaders. Assembled there I found friends and colleagues working in the faith world relieved and strengthened by the warmth and camaraderie and by the collective determination that this murder is not going to affect our resolve to strengthen local relationships as we continue to work towards a safe, inclusive and welcoming Britain.


“The fact that we’ve come together is much more important than what anyone’s actually going to say”, asserted Mr Clegg. “It sends out a very, very simple message of hope over fear, of community over division and that is immensely important.”

Leonie Lewis, co Chair of Faiths Forum for London concluded the speeches by focusing on the 2 women who, unlike those filming and tweeting around the murder scene, went straight in to help. Whilst we cant all be heroes, we can all play an active role – building bridges, supporting initiatives which bring us together and refusing to accept prejudice.


An inspirational morning, and a challenge to us all to work even harder to build a stronger society, together,  for the future.