Engaging with young adults – testing the waters in Hampstead!


May 2014

Given a drastically increasing gap in time between ending education and starting a family, are we in danger of loosing a generation of young Jewish people to the community?  This was one of the key questions we posed to 40 communal professionals at Hampstead Town Hall in an exploratory workshop on the subject of young adults.  Will they return to the Fold, are the institutions of British Jewry still relevant to them? What can and indeed should we do to reach out? And does it matter anyway?


We heard from academics, people working with students, those working with young adults and people engaged with innovative, exciting new projects which are setting up alternate models from the past.  Invigorating, scary and stimulating


We barely scratched the surface but it was a start point for more discussion and thought. We will be starting to talk to more people about it. Your thoughts are eagerly awaited.



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