Mitzvah Day Endorsements

“Mitzvah Day is a great example of how faith communities across the country are contributing to furthering social responsibility – giving their time, volunteering, and generosity – everything we want to see in our societies.  So I give my support to this, the sixth National Mitzvah day, and congratulate all those around the United Kingdom taking part.”David Cameron


“The values of Mitzvah Day are exactly the values this Government wants to promote – a sense of responsibility and kindness towards others. I wholeheartedly endorse Mitzvah Day, especially your efforts to involve other faith communities, and hope you have an even more successful day than last year.”Nick Clegg


 “Mitzvah Day has become a shining illustration of social action. It does everything that powerful and effective social action should do. It unites, it inspires, and it is creative. But above all it is hands on.  It is effective and it makes thing happen. The numbers speak for themselves…We should all follow the example set by Mitzvah Day volunteers and adopt the message of Tikkun Olam, changing our society for the better.”Ed Miliband


“Mitzvah Day is an excellent demonstration of how much can be achieved when you give a little time and a little thought to those less fortunate than you. Your good deed, however big or small, could make a real difference to someone’s life. I urge all Londoners to take part in another wonderfully successful Mitzvah Day!”Boris Johnson


The concept of Mitzvah Day goes to the heart of Judaism as a life-changing and society-transforming faith. The Jewish people are called on to be living role models of what it is to bring the Divine Presence into the shared spaces of our common life, and it is by engaging with the world as Jews, participating in events such as Mitzvah Day, that we are best able to make our contribution to society as a whole. Mitzvah Day is one of the great inspiring endeavours of our community, and I wish it every blessing and success.” Lord Sacks


Many congratulations on another successful Mitzvah Day – successful because not only does it involve so many people in great, sociable and meaningful Jewish action but it is the catalyst to many long term projects and relationships that build Jewish community and build relationships with our local community. Mitzvah Day made us get on with it and not just discuss it!” Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, Chair of Assembly for Reform Rabbis


“Working side by side can be as important as working face to face; when we’re all together, that’s actually when the relationships happen, and when the relationships are strong, that’s when we can cope with the difficulties and the differences. We can begin with service, we can begin with the fun and we can move on to some of the tougher things but it shows that service has a real place in inter faith work.” Toby Howarth, Bishop of Bradford


“Thank you so so much for putting so much time, effort and commitment into bringing Mitzvah Day to the Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead. It was truly amazing to have all those lovely and dedicated people here yesterday. It helped to reconnect with some and to make new connections with others. I’m sure a lot of good can and will come from this in the near future and beyond.”  Rabbi Markus Lange, Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead


“It has given me, the small organising committee and all those who participated a great deal of satisfaction to be part of Mitzvah Day.  Since the day I have had numerous individuals approach me saying what a wonderful idea  and they want to be involved next time.” Judy Feiglin, Mitzvah Day Australia