Mitzvah Day

Mitzvah Day builds local communities by bringing together over 40,000 people on one day, to take part in collective, hands-on social action projects which make a real difference to local issues.  Now a well-anticipated focal point in British Jewry’s annual calendar, Mitzvah Day galvanises people – regardless of age, faith, affiliation, gender or socio-economic position – to donate their time and energy

Our proven model of grass roots social action-based inter faith, fosters collaborations centred on the mutual values of social action and giving.  These result in  initiatives that have not only made a very real difference to helping the needs of local charities but importantly, forge long-term relationships and understanding which leads to more cohesive local communities.

In 2016 over 80 such inter faith partnerships took place, where synagogues, churches, mosques, other places of worship and community centres built relationships throughout the year and on Mitzvah Day participated together in a wide range of local initiatives.

Mitzvah Day was founded in 2005 by Laura Marks and became a registered charity in 2008.   For more information please visit the Mitzvah Day website

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